Welcome to the homepage of NO*Kyralia's maine coon cattery!

NO*Kyralia's is a small cattery of the lovely and big catbreed maine coon. Its's located in the southern part of Norway in a small town called Lillesand, which is located a short drive east from Kristiansand.
My cats are first of all my pets and familymembers!
My breeding wil focus on keeping the lovely temprement of the maine coon and of course the stunning look! At the same time I will work with lowering the inbreeding on the breed, and becuase of that I will sometime use cat's that are socalled "outcross" in my breeding program. My cats are genetic tested for HCM, due to some difficulties getting a hcm scan my cats are not yet scanned, but I hope to have it done in 2012. I love the look and temper of the maine coon and I want to keep it like this. The look is very important for me to keep, and to assure that I'm on the rigth track I will attent catshows, in Norway and other countries when it's required to get certificates from another country.
I'm a member of Agderkatten, which is one of many catclubs here in Norway.
My prefix is registred in NRR/FIFe, 25 march 2011.

In June 2013 I completed the PawPeds G1 course.
Already waiting to get in on the G2 course.

More information about the content of this course can be found if you click the green banner.